Bert Otto (english)

Bert Otto, born at Rotterdam,

Modern Theatre contempory Art

The series of nautical/marine acryl paintings was created in the period 2005– till now
It is not the first time that Otto is so occupied by the theme of the sea, a subject that is in keeping with Otto’s artistic temperament and his longing for freedom. Bert Otto has panted these seascapes with broad strokes of the brush and palette knife.

Bert’s sea series reverts to an archetypal theme that has a
centuries-old tradition in poetry, novels and painting and is steeped in dreams, sentiments and fears. Otto’s seas do not so much invite musings about life, death, finiteness and infinity, as allow the intense forces of nature and painting to be experienced. He is able to make the sun glitter in the colours of red, yellow, ochre and blue. He can evoke a storm with fierce strokes of the brush and palette knife, applying the paint in centimetres-thick layers. The paintings of calm azure-blue seas and of intemperate seas blazing with colour are registrations of observations, but at the same time represent his personal state of mind.
They are thus in the tradition of the abstract-expressionist painting to launch in the Netherlands in the 1950s.

Composition, line sheathing, and the topic set the scene eventually. Bert work as an old-fashioned painter, mainly with acrylic on canvas. After a period of realistic work its current work shows more and more an evolution to figurative with recognizable, space suggesting compositions in warm colours, frequently on large format.

To be shows, of which some have been painted almost in an abstract way, are very accessible and arouse at a first sight directly a moment of recognise
In the work sits mainly a feeling of environment, romantic, tension or sensation. The work finds their way to a lot of art-lovers and foragers within and outside the Netherlands.
An art box has been incorporated in the collection of the miniature museum of the Dr. Sarphatihuis in Amsterdam.
There is also art at government in The Hague.

His work is not only in The Netherlands, but also in England, Germany and in America. In England at The Hide and Time Museum at Great Yarmouth.